Extra-curricular Activity

I’m completely addicted to this site, and particularly ‘enjoy’ stories of boys getting hard in school and having a sly wank. I’ve thought about training as a high school teacher as it’s a career I would be well suited for, however I have very big boobs ..more.

Naomi’s Party


I’m a very nice looking gal, my name is Jenny. I am usually wearing sport clothes, but this time I was at a party invited by my cousin Naomi, who had just moved into her apartment after finishing school. I wore a nice pink dress and open ..more.

Had To Go

I remember being all hot and bothered after flirting with a guy friend via email at work that day, and I was in a hurry to get home after work because I was going out.

When I got home I really, REALLY had to pee, but was having a hard time because my ..more.

Masturbating Bobby and John

I first masturbated with my friend Bobby, laying out on our beds in his room, during a sleepover. I watched as, lit by a flashlight, he stroked his hard penis, and I followed him in what he did. It felt so incredibly good, and then…oh my god!!! ..more.

Accidental Encounter

A few weeks ago I walked into the house while my dad was watching porn. He was a bit surprised and started to cover himself up. I said, "Wait, this is okay." Then I sat down next to him on the couch.

It wasn’t my kind of porn, but that ..more.

Learning Together

I had a best friend back in school. We used to have so much fun together. I can’t imagine what my life would have been like without him. During sleepovers we would get ourselves into all sorts of mischief and usually go running through the woods to avoid ..more.


I love to get on this site and read the stories on here. I have to say this site is like a comfort zone for when I get off work. Everyday I come home from work I sit and read a few stories then I go lay in the tub and stroke my cock. I haven’t had any ..more.


I had just turned 15 and had no sexual experience, except for my hand.

It was a summer day and no one was around. I wandered over to a playground about three blocks from my house where I had seen some kids playing basketball in the past. No luck, no ..more.

Prostate Stimulation from Behind

This was one of the most intense sex feelings in a long time. I was thinking about getting off, and just kind of not sure if I was going to. I got that feeling like I wanted something in my butt. I gave myself warm water enema and that got things going ..more.

My Girlfriend’s Jizzed Pussy

Seth from Virginia sent us this very hot pic of his jizzed girlfriend’s pussy. They get veeeery horny that night and take some pics of how wild they became. Thanks so much for share, guys, please sent us more!

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Posers Need Not Apply

While professional porn is what all the adult actor’s and actresses aspire to…we live in a world now where with all the cams and video shows around people have found it easy to make their own porn movies in greater numbers than ever before.


Personally I find it actually hotter to see xxx amateur nudes getting it on cos there is just something so animalistic and intense when amateurs fuck.  It’s like the posing attitudes of many pros is replaced so that all we see is some chick, chick and dude or multiple chicks with only one priority…hot sex with plenty of orgasms

Subway Stop

I used to live in one of the suburbs of Washington, DC when I worked there for a government contractor. I’ve since moved to another state and a less hectic job.

In my job, I had to dress nicely every day. My boss insisted that we put on a good ..more.

Barbie Doll

When I was younger, I played with barbie dolls, and when my parents would leave the house I would get Barbie and have sooooooo much fun. I would take her head and run it up and down my pussy. I would move it faster and faster and then start to pinch my ..more.

Me and Linus


This is a story about me and my friend Linus, who is the same age as me. It happened a couple of years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

i don’t remember how it started, but me and Linus always used to wank every time we were together. ..more.

D and His Brother

When my friend "D" and I were 14 we would go to his house and wrestle on the floor in his room and sometimes on the bed. We did this most days right after school as he lived on the way to my house. I would come home with my clothes all ..more.

My Cousin Brendan Part Two

Brendan came over to my house. And my parents were out for two whole days leaving only my brother and Brendan around. So as soon as my brother went to work, me and Brendan were naked in his big bed.

He lubed up, he is fifteen and cut so he needs the ..more.


I recently started working at a company that was way too far from my home. Luckily for me, I found a couple of friends who had the same problem, workplace too far from home, and worked in the same area as me. After a bit of discussion, the three of us ..more.

Friends With Privileges

Back in middle school I was starting to learn of sex, I found out that humping my bed felt really good and it made stuff shoot out of my dick. In the 8th grade I finally found out what was going on through a friend, and he went on to teach me nearly ..more.

Train Journey

Last week I took the train from Plymouth to Penzance mid afternoon in the UK. The coach was fairly empty and a couple of stops down the line some people who I assumed as parents with a teenage boy and girl sat in the four seats in front of me.

We set ..more.

Wrong Number

One day I got a missed call on my mobile phone and I called back. A lady answered the phone and I asked her why she called. She said she was sorry she dialed a wrong number.I said that was ok and was about to end the call when she asked me if I could ..more.

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