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1. (BGTMO) Bald guys turn me on. 2. (ICTIC) I can’t tonight; I’m constipated. 3. (YSGTMCO) You should get that mole checked out. 4. (ISTLOLC!) I survived the lay-offs; let’s celebrate! 5. (YMMF18A) You make me feel 18 again.

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Beyond all the many fun and exciting reasons that we all have for loving, lusting after or just appreciating milfs, X Art has one more often overlooked service that many of these hot babes provide…


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Well Labor-day has come and gone which sadly means goodbye to those lazy hazy crazy days of summer. It always brings to mind for me Frank Sinatra singing ‘Summer Wind’ in this Simpsons episode where Martin Prince, Jr. has a pool and as summer ended it collapsed and his shorts ripped on it leaving him naked in his yard dancing in the early September breeze to Frankie’s mellow tones while the credits rolled…


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    No matter how many times you see pictures of a woman masturbating or a video of a women getting herself off, it’s always hot… It just never gets old – knowing that a woman is pleasuring herself. Today we have Rebecca from Ron Harris. She’s the “girl next door” type ...
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