Frottage Fantasies

I masturbate while having fantasies about frotteurism. I like the idea of a man brushing his cock against me, flaccid or erect. My ideal fantasy is being on a crowded train or bus and having a man stood behind me. As the train/bus jerks about I feel ..more.


This happened when I was thirteen. I hated my body and the changes I was going through. My periods had begun when I was twelve and I had terrible cramps each month. I refused to wear the training bras my mother bought for me and the starched blouses from ..more.

Toilet Fun

I was interested in Roger’s post about going into public loos with his girlfriend and watching her masturbate. I was particularly interested that she told him she often did it in there as I have been doing it on the loo all my life, ever since I started ..more.

At the Bakers

He comes in several times a week to the bakery I work at, and we always chat. He is older than me, but really lovely. On Saturday, I saw him again and noticed that he was looking at my arms. It didn’t take me long to figure he was trying to get a look at ..more.

In Store Dare

We entered the store and headed for the clothing section. There, I chose a short denim skirt, and a t shirt. We went to the changing rooms and Anna helped me change into the clothes she had chosen with me.

Then, she set the camera and left the room ..more.

Reliving the Dream

The morning sun glistens through the trees and through my window, caressing my face as a sudden rush of desire rushes through my body awakening me from a deep slumber.

Was it a dream or was it real? I’m alone, had to be a dream.

I’m wet and have an ..more.

I Squirted!!

Right, well I’ve never been able to get myself to a real satisfying orgasm. Before now I used a pulsar electric toothbrush (a girl’s best friend) however, I still couldn’t get myself off. But then I was surfing some porn and I found some female ..more.

A Family Affair

When I was 14 I had been masturbating for almost two years. I would do it almost every day. I shared a room with my older brother, Matt, who was 17. Now, with two teenage boys going through puberty living in the same room, it would be almost impossible ..more.

Latino Students – Part 2

Latino Students – Part 2

After the four of us wiped off the anointing I sprayed after Pedro took things into his own hand to end a contest the younger Enrique and Samuel had to make me come, there were three horny boys. Pedro told the boys if ..more.

My First Jack Off

When I was about 13 I had a friend a year older. One day up in his room we, for some reason, became very sexually curious. I don’t know exactly how but soon we both had our shorts off and stood naked in front of each other. I’d never seen a hard penis ..more.

What a Sucking Sound

One time during the summer I was allowed to stay over at my friend Jeff’s house for the night with him and his two cousins. That afternoon his parents told us they were going out for the evening and we were told to stay in the house and watch TV. That ..more.

Yet Another Gym Encounter

A few days ago I went to the gym at about 11am. Not my usual time, but being summer holiday in South Africa, I didn’t have anything better to do. After doing my usual routine I went to the steamroom. And I won’t lie, it’s to check out the naked guys! ..more.

Younger Brother’s Friend

Ok so this happened two nights ago. Me and my brother who is 17 had some of the guys ranging in ages from 16-19 over that we hang out with since I just got back from college for Christmas break. My brother and I invited our two friends who are brothers ..more.

The Penis Swordfighters Club

When I was in university, there was this secret underground club called the ‘penis swordfighters club.’

It’s exactly as its name says it is – a gathering comprising a group of guys who liked nothing better than to whip out their cocks and ..more.

Nephew and the Lawn Kid

Earlier this summer, my nephew, Adam, came to stay with me for a couple of weeks of vacation, shortly after his HS graduation. He and I have always been close and shared pretty much everything. Last year he quietly intimated that he thought he was ..more.

Me and My Cousin

My cousin and I are best buddies from early childhood and up until today. That last summer before we went off to college was the one I remember best. Now I had masturbated before this, but never with another person. We were fooling around in the park and ..more.

My Boss Taught Me To Edge

The summer I was eighteen, returning from college, I got a job doing deliveries for a print shop downtown. The owner’s brother was a family friend, and the job was easy and paid well.

I was masturbating a few times a day already, and since there were ..more.

Mlf at Christmas Time

MLF and I got together a few days before Christmas. We both have fond memories of sex under a Christmas tree and I wanted to create a new one. After making a comfortable place on the floor with pillows and a cover she and I laid down and held one ..more.

Nudist Family (More 2)

OK, as far as the first time we got naked as a family –

My bro and I are now comfortable with our own nudity together and we talked about what it was going to be like being naked in front of mom and dad and also seeing them naked. Of course I was most ..more.

Shower Again

NOT fiction.

So, I never got any better about recording my housemate’s shower masturbation sessions; BUT what happened is, we got a new shower curtain, a very nice one, one representing an Earth map. And a TRANSPARENT one. This means, I can now peep at ..more.

Masturbation Fun

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