Young Love

There is this boy that I used to go to school with. We would always mess around in the changing rooms during lesson times so we wouldn’t get caught. I was always the cautious type. Even though we lived fairly close we would never meet each other outside ..more.


You see, I was 14, a budding teenager and I had been masturbating to Solo Touch for some time. I found myself reading more and more about the brother and sister articles, having a brother of my own who was three years older than me. And I just happened ..more.

Only Once

The last day he was here we again went to the beach. When we left that afternoon we took home two other girls and the van didn’t have enough seats. I ended up in the back sitting on Lukes lap the entire ride home. We were sort of squashed in the back ..more.

Our First Meeting

I’m driving to the airport to pick up Jim. I can’t wait to finally see him. We’ve been talking to each other for so long now, I feel as though we see each other everyday. As I am driving up to the pick up spot I get anxious. Honestly I can’t wait to get ..more.

Driving Home

This past week I was driving home from work. As I pulled beside a car in bumper to bumper traffic, I could see the guy in his car stroking his cock. I was in my suv and he was in a regular car so I could see right in. When he noticed me pull up he closed ..more.

My First Girlfriend

In high school, I had a serious boyfriend, but our relationship was the typical on-again-off-again high school melodrama. He was my first for almost everything and I was the same for him. But this story isn’t about him…directly. During one of our ..more.

Watching a Stranger

I took the train home the other evening, the carriage was quiet, I was on the left side and a man on the right side, a seat or two ahead. I noticed, out of the corner of my eye that he seemed to be fidgeting so I glanced over at him to see what he was ..more.

On Purpose

I really love the kinky stuff. I love older men, and I love the thought of family stuff too. I decided to lay a little trap for my brother.

I got myself real wet then took my panties off and left them on his bed. I spied through the airvent that ..more.


From when I was 11, I started having some funny feelings down there. This may be because I read a few naughty stories on the net. My friend told me about them, and they’re not like Solo Touch, just light masturbation/sex.

My mother always told me to ..more.

In the Car in the Snow

..almost as soon as I got in my car and closed the door I knew I was in another world. All the windows were covered with snow and, although I could hear people walking by on the pavement, crunching through the snow and sometimes slipping and bumping up ..more.

Hair Brush Dildo

I’m eighteen and a virgin. I have been masturbating, almost every day since I was 11 and my mom told me about the facts of life. She gave me a book that explained everything and had a chapter on masturbation. It said it was healthy and normal and I ..more.

A Tight Shave at the Health Club

I routinely shave my pubic area because I just think it feels cleaner and it certainly accentuates my balls and makes my cock look longer. Sometimes I bring my little shaver to the health club and clean up in the shower before heading out to the night ..more.

French Roomates

My roommate Paul and I were never particularly close; simply respectful and gave each other our space. We were roommates, nothing more. This was odd because since we were both French one would think we would have a special bond. Anyhow, Paul is about ..more.

Jerking off While Hiking

One summer afternoon my buddy and I were hiking on the mountain behind my house. This isn’t any pussy mountain, I mean this is a big mountain (I live in Colorado). Anyway while we were climbing up we were talking about hot girls at our school and what we ..more.

My Wife Strokes Her Cock

My wife and I have had great sex, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve discovered a new side to myself where I like to be more submissive and let my wife be in control. One of my fantasies (which my wife doesn’t know about yet) is having sex with a shemale. ..more.

Wife’s Secret Masturbation

I love to masturbate! I have been obsessed with it ever since I first discovered it. I’ve really enjoyed this website for several years and am finally deciding to contribute my own story.

Now my wife and I are still pretty young (late twenties) and have ..more.

Temporary Employment 2

"Gail" came by my cubicle. Gail was in her late 50s, about 5’5", slim, short reddish hair, blue eyes, glasses. I had met her at the same time I met "Janie", and hadn’t thought about Gail much until I ended my ..more.

Reponse To Margolyn1

I read this story with great interest as my current girlfriend (who is 61 and very fit) regularly has similar experiences, although only since our relationship started.

With my assistance she has dozens of long, intense orgasms which last anything up ..more.

Irish Peg: My 1st Love

My father was in the military and he was often assigned to foreign embassies to look after security. This is a nice way of saying he was a spy. I never knew, of course, and my mother never said anything until long after he had passed away about what his ..more.

The Bus Stop

I must admit that I am just spending too much time masturbating. Or maybe I’m just getting too comfortable doing it. Recently while I was waiting for a bus to come, I stood up and turned my back toward traffic. I pulled my dick out and jerked off not ..more.

Masturbation Fun

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