Caught at Work

At 42 I still rarely go a day without having to get myself off. Even when I’m having regular sex, there is still nothing quite like the orgasms I can give myself. I also love watching men wank and mutual masturbation has always featured heavily in any of ..more.

First Time With a Boy

When I was 14, I had this friend named Jacob. Jacob was a little taller than me, skinny and slightly muscular, and was also 14 years old. I was a little shorter; about 5 and 1/2 feet tall, had blonde hair, and b size breast. We were friends since they ..more.

Big Dick and Little Dick

The recent death of a close childhood friend brought back many fond memories. This is just one of them.

I was 13 when this happened. Big Dick was a year older, having been held back in school due to a childhood illness. We’d been pals all through grade ..more.

High School Fun

This happened during high school when I was about 16. It was summer vacation, a time for relaxing and hanging out with friends.

One day me and my best friend were chilling at his house. In his basement he had a pool table and a nice area to hang out. ..more.

Bath Time for the Boys!!

Growing up in a small town can be boring for teen boys if you don’t find something to occupy the time. When I was about 13 years old I spent a lot of time with a two-year older male cousin and a three-year older best friend.

We all spent a lot of time ..more.

Westy and Me

I was working long hours and living in an apartment in the suburbs of a big east coast city. Married but now separated and on the north side of 30, I had long told myself that I had just not found the right girl, when in fact I knew deep inside me that ..more.

High School Rotc Buddy

I was a senior in high school and Neill was a sophomore. Even so, we clicked right off the bat after he joined our high school ROTC group where I’d already been a member for two years. Neill was extremely cute at 15… bright blue eyes, blondish-brown ..more.

Jill Jacking Jack

My best buddy (Jim) and I were working on a road construction crew in northern Canada at the time this occurred. The job site was in a remote area so we were put up in a construction camp nearby. We bunked four to a unit and washed outside under a ..more.

Re: Family Nudism

Unlike the other story, my experience with family nudism was one of necessity. It happened about 40 years back. I was an older 14 (birthday just a month away), my sister, a young 13 (her birthday just a month past). My mom needed someone to watch us ..more.

The Boy`s Locker Room!!

In the late 50’s my small towns, boy’s locker room would be used by the girls basketball team whenever they played an out of town girls team. The boy’s locker room windows were fogged glass blocks with a fogged glass window that opened in the center. ..more.

Cumming as She Peed

Several years ago my family and I were on our way back to our home after spending Christmas with our families in another state. We had been on the interstate highway for a couple of hours when I began to feel the urge to relieve myself. I finally saw a ..more.


Recently, my wife, Karen, and I travelled to small-town Oregon to go to her parent’s 50th anniversary party. Not having a lot of money to spare we planned stay at a local B&B in an old farm house. Her older sister, Lori, had driven down from her ..more.

Part-time Work With Benefits

I’ve mentioned here more in more than a few posts of my experiences with older women. For the most part, my lovers have been attractive women who would have no trouble in getting attention from men, and I was fortunate in that these women were receptive ..more.

Thru the Toll Booth- 2010-and Watched!

On my way home from the New Year celebrations tonight (alone), I was feeling frisky. I was thinking about all the sexy women I had seen and decided to give myself a stroke on the way home.

The weather is quite warm, and once on the road I pulled my ..more.

My Very First Massage

I’ve been frequenting various massage parlors over the last 30 years. The reason I go is for the hand release at the end. (happy ending).

The first time I had heard about such places was back in the late 70’s when I was just 17. I went in and paid the ..more.

Jacking for Shelly

I have a neighbor who like me is single. She’s about 5’6" and normal weight. Her breasts are very full and every time I see her I can’t help but imagine playing with her hard nipples.

Anyway, she’s always dropping hints about being horny. I’ve ..more.

Sister-in Law’s Hand Job

My wife passed away 14 months ago and I wasn’t interested in starting a relationship any time soon.

Because I work nights I usually get home, have a shower and either watch TV or lay down. Today I just stripped down got on the bed and fell asleep.

Some ..more.

Teenage Masturbation 2

Earlier, in June 2009, I shared with you my first orgasm while discovering the joy of masturbation. After that first time, my life was changed. I had hit the motherload of pleasure. It was readily available and free. I was a loner so it made perfect ..more.

Is It Half Full or Half Empty?

The teenage male. Endless hardons begging to taken care of. I, like most teenage boys usually have sex on the mind but with limited options to take care of the ever present urge, had one – masturbation. All throughout my teenage years my mom ..more.

Skinny Dippin’

I was camping by a lake, and I got up early to go skinny dipping. The water was cold, but it felt great. I got back on the beach to dry off, and while I laid there the breeze began to flow across my naked body, I started to get aroused. I thought about ..more.

Masturbation Fun

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    Ah, the glass dildo. Chicks love the glass dildo. And it’s so obvious why. Vibrators and dildos – mostly dildos – go out of their way to have life sized and realistically shaped toys to get women off, but reality is more like that’s exactly what they don’t want. If ...

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